The idea of the DarkKnight movie franchise has been the source of my concept. From the Batman suit, Batcave, gadgets, to the Tumbler & Bat.

It consists of all features in one great design flow - Industrial design. And that was my clear goal for this build. Make a PC for Batman that will look like he would actually use in the movie that would feature plenty of design innovations.


I have been crazy with all black and matte finish objects. I just had a perfect excuse to build one. Besides, the details on the design of the batsuit and tumbler was too good for me not to be inspired about them at all. Hence, I want to build my own Dark Knight Project, that as if it was made by Mr. Fox and Mr. Wayne. Now my question has been answered: “If Batman had a gaming PC, what would it be look like?”


It supports 90 degrees tilted motherboard tray to prevent heavy GPU from bending. I also painted the Motherboard(I/O ports, headers, PCI-e & DRAM slots) and the GPUs’ Heatsinks with matte Black paint.

It also supports my original design “Reverse GPU mounting System," where finally beautiful GPU shrouds won’t have to face the wrong direction.

It also has ”Texturized Panels” & newly redesigned side panels which now supports a beautiful clear window & original design patterns to match DK theme.

Modified PSU was also necessary to achieve “Ghost Cable Management” on the back of the tray. This was done by relocating the modules at the top of the unit & resoldered by my good friend Anthony.

Everything was done to achieve the DARK KNIGHT “feel” on this PC. Research and detailed designing is a must. That’s why this isn’t just a beautiful system,
It’s a masterpiece.

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